itunes bpm detection

The BPM (beats per minute) field in iTunes has bothered me since it was introduced in version 4.0; there are some ways to get BPM information into iTunes, but no easy ways — and I’m all about the easy ways.

However, a new patent reveals that Apple has patented the idea of running fast to fast music, which is kinda stupid to allow a patent on, but if it brings along with it an automated way to get BPM information out of the tracks and into the tag metadata — and then into a smart playlist — I’m on board.


5 thoughts on “itunes bpm detection”

  1. … or they can measure the BPM of your heart rate and fudge the BPM of the song from that!

  2. sorry but beatunes is not working… the analyse is done, but now, I cant open Itunes….

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