May 24th, 2006

Griffin Technology makes nifty Mac and PC accessories (and some just-OK Mac and PC accessories); now they’ve released “Proxi“, a free application that looks like a QuickKeys lite sort of automation tool. It looks to be most useful if you have the Griffin AirClick remote or the PowerMate, but there’s plenty to geek out on no matter what. I’m particularly enamored of the RSS Monitor, but then again, I’d like everything in my life to have an RSS feed.


3 Responses to “proxi”

  1. Aaron Lewis says:

    You’ve get an extraneous “/br” at the end of the “Proxi” link. What, aren’t the editors of each posting paid enough to catch this kind of mistake?

    What do you mean “what editors”?

    What do you mean “paid?” ?


  2. Jeff says:

    Thanks, Aaron. We pay the authors in Carvel Cakes — I personally just received a jaunty (if perhaps a bit stale) “Martin Luther King O’Puss” ice cream cake.

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