‘goldensmell’ as globalization

May 22nd, 2006

I love the pan-Asian grocery store. I can go down the street, make a turn into a dubious looking building, and be completely linguistically and olfactorily alienated. I also really like some of the foods I’ve been introduced to, usually through a friend. But most of all, I love the Engrish.

Case in point: Goldensmell brand Chinese foods.

I get a lot of pleasure out of encountering a ridiculous cultural/language faux pas like this in print. And with the increased availability of cheaply produced goods from markets within other cultures with other languages, I get to see more and more of this all the time. It’s like a cross between a pun and a joke and a poem, totally unintentionally: a result of either negligence or just a lack of resources. I’m sort of an asshole for being so entertained by this, probably, since I don’t speak any other languages with the fluency I’m expecting when I read a label on a jar of fried wheat gluten. They’re not even being particularly stupid, just not very exacting in their search for the right word or proper grammar. Nevertheless I continue to think it’s hilarious. Mostly because it gets me to laugh at how our murderously difficult language usually seems so natural to me and is, in fact, very silly even when it’s being used correctly.

I thought that as the English-dominated internet spread further and further (mostly to people with the type of capital necessary to produce and ship preserved foods all over the world) and as people become exposed to each others’ cultures and began consuming one another’s goods, that I would see fewer and fewer errors. (But why, again, did I think “teh interent” would improve anyone’s knowledge of spelling or grammatical and idiomatic English?) Maybe over time, as we get adjusted more and more thorough globalization, this type of entertainment will slowly diminish until it fades away into our Utopian — or dystopian — evenly brown, McDonald’s-dominated One True Culture under world government. Maybe. I’m glad to see that for now, Goldensmell is still around.

One Response to “‘goldensmell’ as globalization”

  1. Susan says:

    I also like GOLDENSMELL food. But I can not get any information about it.Would you please tell me its phone number and then I will contact with him.I want to import food from it.