genetic computing v. intelligent design

May 20th, 2006

Remarkably handsome Hampshire professor Lee Spector* has written a quite cogent op-ed/summary on his field of expertise† — Genetic Computing — which doubles as a sideways response to the ideas and concepts behind Intelligent Design:

…In 2004 I shared the ”gold medal” with a team from NASA that evolved an antenna for the Space Technology 5 mission. My entry involved the evolution of quantum computing circuits, which are difficult for humans to understand or design. More to the point, they are extremely difficult for me to understand or design, and I could never have produced the results on my own. I am not a designer equal to that task, but evolution is. I created the ”primordial ooze” out of which quantum circuits could grow, and I wrote the programs for random variation and selection. But evolution did the heavy lifting.


* (and personal hero/thesis advisor to most of the folks who write for…

† …a while ago. Look, I’m kinda behind in my Boston Globe reading.

2 Responses to “genetic computing v. intelligent design”

  1. Carrie says:

    “† …a while ago. Look, I’m kinda behind in my Boston Globe reading.”

    Oh, that’s too bad. They had a shocking expose on the front cover just a while ago: Bunnies Are Cute. Impressive reporting, that rag.

  2. Jeff says:

    That must have been a sidebar to the “Cats Do Not Like To Get Wet” article last weekend.