carbon dioxide emissions, the keystone of life

May 18th, 2006


Hooray for front organizations! This propaganda is particularly rich — the only thing truly missing is a nebbishy-looking Ed Begley Jr. forcing you to drive an underpowered electric car.

“Competitive Enterprise Institute” = Exxon, by the way.


2 Responses to “carbon dioxide emissions, the keystone of life”

  1. . So even if you are dumb enough to be swayed by the pretty moving pictures, and the soothing voice of the female narrator, you can’t ignore the fact that this organization has a clear anti-environmentalist agenda. BTW, I found this vialdopa.

  2. cauley says:

    Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-HA-ha! That was good. I’m going to go burn some oily rags to show those radical politicians what for. That said, returning to “backbreaking labor” might fix our obesity problems.
    Oh, I don’t know WHAT side to fall on.