coke blak

May 7th, 2006





5 Responses to “coke blak”

  1. Jon Land says:

    I agree with every point you make. I also agree with Consumer Reports that it needs more coffee. Does anyone here know anyone in France? That’s the Coke Blak I want. For now, I still firmly believe Manhattan Special makes the best carbonated coffee beverage ever.

  2. JP says:

    This has not yet hit Canadian shelves, but I tried a bottle this weekend while in the States. I was a little underwhelmed (maybe it was the aspartame).
    However, now I am tempted to try mixing coke with espresso in different ratios.

  3. Evan says:

    Face it Jon, you like your women like you like your beverages…. Black and all mixed up with coke.

    I just bought some… it’s pretty good. I unfortunately believe the best part of Coke Blak may be the packaging. I like the taste, and will probably buy it again. Though, I’d like more coffee to the taste.

  4. Rae says:

    You should try BibiCaffe. I think it is much better than Coke Blak and Manhattan Special. This is an all natural sparkling espresso drink sweetened with cane sugar, caramel and vanilla. Bibicaffe is imported from Calabria Italy. If not available where you shop, ask for it.