mac tivo hack


Tivo’s support for the Mac has always been fairly dismal, a unfortunate reality mitigated only by the fact that Tivo’s support for the PC is pretty dismal too. The bad news is that Mac users are still no closer to being able to view TivoToGo (“.tivo”) files on their Macs. The good news is that with a slight hack to the new Mac tivo software, you can at least get video going the other direction, from your Mac to the Tivo. The downside is that the video has to be in MPEG-2 format — you’ve just got tons of that kicking around on your hard drive, right? — so for now, this is only for the hardcore video transcoding fans. Both of you. Perhaps slightly more useful is this nifty widget that lets you check the contents of your Tivo via Mac OS X’s Dashboard, and download the .tivo files*.


* …which you can’t do anything on the Mac with because they are DRM encrypted — you can jump through some foolish hoops on the PC to get your .tivo files into unencrypted MPEG-2 video format, but seriously, life is too short. This just goes to show that DRM doesn’t have to be unbreakable, it just has to be a pain in the ass.

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