new super mario bros.

April 25th, 2006

Just how lame is it that I’m psyched for the new Mario game? Pretty freakin’ lame, I’ll admit, but see, me and Mario go way back. Twenty years ago (!), I saved up my lawn mowing money for an entire summer in order to mail order one of the very first original NES consoles — I remember that I had seen “Super Mario Bros.” in a Howard Johnson’s off I-84 and I was understandably mesmerized. The original NES console came with “Gyromite”, a stunningly obtuse and unfun game that no one remembers, with a robot that spun tops, and “Duck Hunt”, which everyone remembers because of the dog that laughs at you. I has to also special order “Super Mario Bros.”, and the first time I found a warp zone, well, it was all over. The “New Super Mario Bros.” comes out on May 16th, and I, um, might have some unexpectedly pressing business at the mall that day, or somethin’.


One Response to “new super mario bros.”

  1. cauley says:

    That demo movie made me LOL. I would stop eating if I had that game.