proactive synergistic bingo paradigm

April 12th, 2006

A bingo card generator for the scourge of our time, mindless corporate-speak. Seriously, if you ever find yourself talking like this, take your expensive leather belt and hang yourself in a bathroom stall; I’m so thankful not to work any longer at any such awful place that would inspire such bingo cards.


2 Responses to “proactive synergistic bingo paradigm”

  1. jimmy says:

    This comes a day late for me to claim that it was my inspiration for quitting my job. I was instead motivated by taking a moment to step outside of myself in order to calculate the damage that had been done from years of waking up daily with a sincere indifference to living or dying. I was so moved by the sight of what I had been reduced to, that the salutation atop my letter of resignation enthusiastically announced in boldface: “DAMN IT, I CHOOSE LIFE! I WANT TO LIVE!”. In fact, those same expressions repeated over and over made up much of the body and conclusion of the letter as well, with words and phrases such as “pack animal”, “whore”, “company reach-around”, “punch in the dick” and “choke-slam” thrown in for a bit of color.
    It may be a while before the clicks, whistles and indecipherable chatter of my assimilated coworkers stop ringing in my ears, but I breathe a little easier, confident that I’ve done the right thing. Jeff, I consider you a hero for presenting the subtle suggestion that others follow suit before it’s too late.
    Thank you.

  2. Jeff says:

    Hero is a strong word — but an appropriate one. Good luck*!


    * The midafternoon trip to Stop & Shop is the unemployed man’s best friend. Don’t miss that cheese platter!