best. comic. fan. ever.

Comic Book Guy

The Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy is based on a real man named T.M. Maple, a.k.a. The Mad Maple, who submitted incredibly knowledgeable and obsessive missives to the letters pages of comic books starting in the late 1970’s. A small sample of his letters can be found here.

8 thoughts on “best. comic. fan. ever.”

  1. I remember T.M., but don’t forget Uncle Elvis. Uncle Elvis used to write even loopier letters, and both Marvel and DC just loved to print them.

    Now, where’s my no-prize?

  2. Sorry, a No-Prize is only granted when an error is shown that is then explained away by plausible extenuating circumstances. So you get a No-Prize because Uncle Elvis and T.M. Maple are both mentioned here!

    Now where’s my No-Prize?

  3. Worst. Post… ah, fuggit.
    Is this guy still alive? How busy he must be with all the viable options for expressing opinion.

  4. T.M. Maple died over 10 years ago of a massive heart attack due to obesity; completely missing the wonders of the internet, and I truly mean MISSING. He undoubtedly would have spent even MORE time in “The Fortress of Mapletude”.

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