damned paparazzi

March 30th, 2006

ldopa.net (20060330)_thumbnail.png

If you do any kind of web work, you’ll eventually need to take a screenshot of a web page. And oh it’s such a freakin’ pain: load the page, command-shift-4. space bar, click the page, open the PNG in Photoshop, crop out all the browser cruft, resize the image, save for web. And don’t even get me started about doing it in Windows. There’s got to be a better way! Well, now there is: Paparazzi. Just enter the web page location and this nifty (and free!) app uses WebKit — the backend rendering technology of Safari — to save you out a screengrab. Aside from the odd choice to place the option to create a scaled thumbnail in the “Save” dialog, this is a elegant and efficient little utility that I’ll use a lot. EXTRA CREDIT: Combine with Thumbscrew for extra flair*.


* But we don’t like to talk about our flair.

2 Responses to “damned paparazzi”

  1. Wevah says:

    I’m going to be getting rid of the “thumbnail” option, and just let the user save twice if they want one (applying the scale to the main image). You’re right; it is an odd choice, and seems to be pretty confusing, too.

  2. adn says:

    Paparazzi is nice, and there’s also ScreenGrab, a Firefox extension.