matt groening’s apple ads

Matt Groening drew a charming series of ads for the original Macintosh computers. This was, of course, before he created “The Simpsons” and so before he was able to have hot and cold running money faucets installed in his house.

…I am “The Procrastinator”, by the way.


1 thought on “matt groening’s apple ads”

  1. Hello, Doppleganger.

    ‘Twas an interesting-into-the-wee-hours-of-the-early-morn partaay.
    Where were you at 4 am 3/5/06?

    The Esteemed Captain Caleb Jones, Esq. has turned 7, officially.

    Everyone’s sick.
    Bitches and Ho’s.

    Enjoy your procrastination.

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