joe rogan is a tool

March 3rd, 2006


Sure, you knew that scary-talented Fear Factor host Joe Rogan waxes rhapsodic about tripping on DMT, but did you know he also takes time out of his busy schedule — a lot of time! — to childishly flame people on It’s true!

You know, whenever you see something ugly like this, the I am rich and you are not fall-back argument is the one sure sign of a jackass. As if being randomly lucky enough to get money out of the system is the only metric of human accomplishment. As if this world was a big video game and your savings account is your high score. As if someone who is monetarily successful is somehow quantifiably better than others who are not. As if, as if, as if. What a jerk.

In other news, Rogan’s old semi-partner Doug Stanhope turns out to be genuinely funny — check out his recent albums some time — and if you’re able, try not to judge him by his loose affiliation with Joe Rogan, or the “Girls Gone Wild” thing, which is somehow even harder to take. Then again, I bet Doug was the kind of kid that Joe used to beat up on* in high school.


* using Tae Kwon Do!

11 Responses to “joe rogan is a tool”

  1. Rachel says:

    Apparently, he also takes a lot of time out of his schedule to bait other comedians:

    I barely know who the hell Joe Rogan is, and this is the second time I have been alerted to his anger problems. What a strange distinction for Mr. Rogan to have.

  2. Joshua says:

    It’s not like the guy who emailed him wasn’t the kind of santorum that’s spread in a thin layer all over the internet, though. I mean, I can’t imagine why the dude would responde to such stupid, but that just makes it a duel of assheads.

  3. Rich says:

    I read this whole transcript, and although juvenile, I can see Rogan’s point and argument. The other guy is just like Joshua said, he’s typical of chickensh**s that populate this anonymous landscape we call the internet, and hide behind it trying to make themselves tough. Rogan doesn’t need to do that, the man is a badass and I sure wouldn’ t want to tangle with him face to face. TKD champ, training right now in submissions, he’s pretty capable of cleaning a lot of people’s clocks. Then this moron engages him in a trivial argument because he feels he is empowered. Let him talk smack right to Rogan. The dude will probably not have the ba**s to say a word to him, but thanks to the internet, he is Superman.

  4. Joshua says:

    DUEL of assheads. How was I unclear?

  5. Josh says:

    Joe Rogan is a fuckin’ tool(box). He has no talent and LOVES THE COCK! I firmly believe that he frequently smooches pickels and takes it anally on a daily basis. I would kick the fuck out of him at any time because I know that all that talk is bull shit and he’s no match for a US Marine. FUCK JOE ROGAN and the horse he road in on (he fuck it too I’m sure).

  6. God says:

    Joe Rogan is a midget, a balding midget who combs what little hair he has left to the front LMAO.

  7. Eddy Robbins says:

    Joe Rogan is a dick for sure. I made up my mind a long time ago that he was a pompous, arrogant prik who was too damn loud for T.V., at least for somone who has no talent. Last I heard of him on T.V. was when he ‘pimped’ out a Plymouth ‘Cuda. The car didn’t have a chance…he had it insanely modded to suit his superego with the result being a full-sized HotWheels clone. I wish Carlos kicked him in the groin when they squared off onstage.

  8. johnnybravo says:

    joe rogan is the greatest thing since sliced bread!…ok,im just kidding,he blows goats…i have proof

  9. jeff chavista says:

    yeah i hate this fucking sellout

    first off the guy talks shit about Carlos Mencia (comidean) for supposedly “stealing jokes” and goes as far as to post a whole youtube video where he and his friends confront mencia about stealing his jokes.

    2nd off he has the nerve to go on to wikiepida and make it impossible for anyone to edit his page and also writes that he is a Brazillain BJJ brown belt, which is bullshit.

    3rd off he considers himself to be a comidean yet its funny how he is able to be a fulltime UFC commentator and fearfactor host. so what are you a host or a comiden make up your mind
    4th he goes online and makes a video of a drug called DMT and basically ugres anyone who has never tried the drug to try it because it will revolitinize the way they see life, so basicaally he his condoning the use of drugs to stupid troubled highshcool kids

    joe rogan is fucking tool and its like he has a split personalitty being a well respected clean shaven host commentaor to bieng an outragoeus stupid bum looking comedian well make up ur mind dr. jekyl or should i say mr. hyde and honostly the only r eason he picks on carlos mencia is becuase he has a succesfull show on comedy central, while joe rogans man show was cancelled

  10. joe sucks cock says:

    joe rogan is a punk as bitch who is jealous of carlos mencia

  11. Ksoism says:

    Naah, Rogan is ok. His standup-routines are damn innovative and suprising. And anyone whos seen his jokes of Fear Factor know what his stance is to that show…

    Jeffs "List of Reasons to hate Joe Rogan" is mainly bull, but number 3 needs a clarification. Do you really think that it is impossible for a human being to do more than one job? I mean, if you do a couple of different kind of shows in same year, it means you are a sellout? Fuck that, only thing that it says is that you are lazy if you can't understand that.