sharpie® mini

February 28th, 2006

I love these things* — ultra-portable, ultra-indelible.


That is all.

* keep out of reach of children.

5 Responses to “sharpie® mini”

  1. Jeff says:

    I love twelve-for-six-dollars Sharpie “Extra Fine Point” pens — not “Ultra Fine Point”, BECAUSE THAT JUNK IS TOTAL FUCKING BULLSHIT — but yeah, everyone should have a Sharpie on them at all times, if only for the ease of tagging.

  2. Jon Land says:

    “Tagging” is a word I just can’t picture you using unless you’re talking about labelling livestock, Jeff. Have you seen “Wild Style” in the past few days or something? I better call up Stop and Shop and tell them to hide their good cardboard boxes in case you saw “Breakin'” too.

  3. Jeff says:

    I am, of course, talking about labeling livestock.

    But I will take you down in a pop-n-lock contest any day of the week.

  4. Jon Land says:

    Have I just been served?

    I can do head spins, but they’re usually induced by Sheep Dip.

  5. Molly says:

    My favorite part is where they give you suggestions as to what to do with the Sharpies… as though they are somehow differen, other than the size, of that of the the longer version.

    Creating organization files for busy family

    Hang on backpack

    Backpacker on rock

    Casino worker (marking bills as they count)

    Circling newspaper articles

    Construction worker belt/clipboard

    Drawing on balloons

    Key chain loop

    Golf bag

    Emergency fingernail polish touchup

    Grocery store/shopping list writing

    Paint shop

    Marking up photos (removing red-eye)


    On a coach’s clipboard

    Marking kids lunch boxes

    Marking the length of a fisherman’s catch

    Signing autographs

    Writing phone numbers on hand

    On a lanyard or medallion

    These are the GAYEST suggestions ever… except for maybe the part where Jon suggests that Jeff DOESN”T tag the shit out of something on a daily basis. Jeff can’t stop tagging, truth be told. When not pop’n-n-lockin’ he’s taggin’. Taggin’, taggin’, taggin’. Like it’s his job. Now that the new Tab is out, I’m worried. 12 colors and all that caffeine.. Dear God!