the it crowd blows

At some point soon in your life, someone you know might try to convince you that the show “The IT Crowd” from the BBC Channel 4 is a good television show to download and watch. But it is actually not a good television show to download and watch. Please believe me when I tell you that person is wrong. You might want to put your hand on their leg, look them square in the eye and ask them something like: “How does it feel to be so wrong?”.

I couldn’t make it through even one episode, but for future reference, here some problems I discovered as evident right off the bat:

  1. Studio audience/laugh track. That alone should be a deal-breaker in 2006… so unhip.
  2. Terrible, ugly, charmless characters. Hard to look at.
  3. Stunningly weak script with unrealistic, Three’s Company style “back-and-forth” dialogue; except Chrissy had far better lines than these.
  4. Wheezingly tired jokes about computers and computer geeks.

…quite seriously, there are far funnier things in Cracked Magazine.


9 thoughts on “the it crowd blows”

  1. Well guys, it’s of course a matter of what kind of humor you like. I find this TV series really good and actual, the humor it’s far from the same old school humor most current series use. Maybe it’s beacause I’m a freak myself and find some of the gags possible.

  2. This is not a great show, but its still pretty good and you insult some of the best things about comedy. How can you say bad things about Threes Company when it was one of the greatest influences in television comedy. And not simply for comedy, but also pushing the boundries (at least for American television) for what was acceptable on TV (ie. one man living with two hot women, quasi-homosexuals, tons of sexual humour, etc.).

    Sure, the geek/nerd aspect is played out, but when in the last 5 years have you seen any stereotypical geek/nerd comedy. This show brings back feelings that inspired great comedy like “The Revenge Of The Nerds”.

    Shame on you for not recognizing potential greatness. People still don’t get Red Dwarf either…

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