why people hate cops

February 25th, 2006

CBS4 in Florida has a fantastic article and companion video on the local area police departments’ refusal to provide citizens a complaint form for logging an official complaint regarding an officer.

Watch as much of the video as you can stand; notice how everything about the police officer’s attitude, voice and body language are combining to say I’m just about five seconds away from kicking your ass. This guy’s a straight-up thug. The first police officer featured here, Sergeant Peter Schumanich of the Lauderhill Police Department, tried to file an injunction in a Broward County court to stop the airing of the story where he appears on the air and online. He failed. This guy should be fired, like, now-ish; when you’re an embarrassment to the state of Florida, well, that’s just about as bad as it gets.

Also: nice work, CBS4. This is exactly what local news media should be doing, all of the time. I’d be in favor of a “Department of Hidden Camera People” whose job it would be to go around to any service we all pay taxes to fund and record what goes on; it’s amazing how some people act when they’re not accountable whatsoever for their actions.


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