photography is just a less obvious fiction than illustration

January 31st, 2006

C|Net is usually a font of turd burgulary and knob gobblery, but this article of their is really interesting, about photo (and thence opinion) manipulation. It also talks about software that is used to look more closely than humans do to find inconsistencies, and then says that the software is kept TOP SECRET WIHT TEH POLISE SO TEY CAN KEEP US SAEF, when as we all know, as soon as someone cares, they’ll just write the app. So, you know, they’ve met the minimum assclownery quota.

2 Responses to “photography is just a less obvious fiction than illustration”

  1. Estetik says:

    Well, I like Firefox a lot, and I’m really happy I don’t have anything Apple on my Windows PC. Updates for something I DON’T need? This really makes me angry because iTunes holds people’s money— its how they buy songs. They could practically force people to buy stuff, or trick people into doing that. That may not sound like Apple, but it could still happen. Thanks for being honest, too.

  2. … well, *that* was weird…