in praise of the new coke dispenser

January 22nd, 2006

the new improved coke dispenser

I love soda! and specifically I love “Coca-Cola Classic”. For years, however, each time I brought a 12-pack of Coke home I have been ragingly infuriated by the stunningly poor design of their cardboard dispenser refrigerator packaging. There has traditionally been a flimsy perforated tear away “dispenser” flap, but it’s located on the seam of the packaging; so each time you tear away the flap, a can of Coke would automatically pop out, as if to say, “Here. Have a can of Coke. Or have twelve, because I have ripped off entirely and now will dump 12 oz. cans of Coke all over your floor.”Well, my hundreds upon hundreds of angry and threatening late-night phone calls must have paid off, because with the advent of “Black Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola”, they have redesigned the dispenser packaging. And I am happy to report that it does not, in fact, spray cans of Coke all over your fridge when you first open it. So: my life is incrementally better.

But about that “Black Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola”; it tastes pretty much like how you’d think it would taste, as if someone took 50% “Cherry Coke” and 50% “Vanilla Coke” and shook them together. It does wind up being more pleasant than the sum of the base flavors, but it still has that slight non-alchoholic-rum-drink twinge like “Vanilla Coke” has, and in the end, is simply not as satisfying as just good ol’ “Coca-Cola Classic”.


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  1. Joshua says:

    … and yet, you bought so many of them.