giada disaster

January 9th, 2006


TVgasm posts a wonderful series of screen grabs take from “Everyday Italian”. I can relate; this is essentially how I feel about:

  • Spaghetti sauce with chunks.
  • Mold-based cheeses.
  • White sauces.
  • Seafood.
  • The gristly parts of red meat.
  • Red meat.
  • Onions.
  • Garlic.
  • Herbs.
  • Bananas.
  • Luncheon meats.
  • Eggs.
  • Mayonnaise.*
  • Sour Cream.
  • Cottage Cheese.
  • Yogurt.
  • Veggie Burgers.
  • Tofu.
  • Cheerios.
  • Chili.
  • Soup.
  • Stew.
  • Jelly.
  • Beets.

UPDATE: Salsa.


*Why don’t you just spit in my mouth.

16 Responses to “giada disaster”

  1. Carrie says:

    a) Despite my love of italian food, Giada can suck it. I’m glad there’s web material devoted to mocking her.

    b) this is the handiest post ever. I will be priting this list of things Jeff will not enjoy eating and putting it on my fridge next to the recipes as a reference.

  2. Zorg says:

    Giada can eat shit because she’s fake and wooden. Not only wooden, but she’s rude to the people on her dismal travel show. Close your gaping mouth you idiot.

  3. Zorg says:

    Watch more bare foot contessa, or good eats. Rachel Ray sucks, and so does that self loathing anorexic house wife that makes semi home made meals. Haha, Jesus.

  4. wxyz says:


  5. STEVE says:

    Sounds like there is a whole lot of hate spewed in here. I think Giada is great and everyone in here is probably fat and ugly. Lay off the hater-aid and get on the treadmill, fatties. Stop hating on someone who is successful and hot. Despite everyone’s shallow existence she is doing something positive.

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  7. Kirk says:

    true that steve. these people should go drink bleach or drown themselves in toilets. giadda has great fast, easy and delicious recipes that are fun. wxyz i think your a shallow douche and you judge people

  8. Cricket says:

    Steve: I’m not fat nor am I ugly. Blonde, single, 5’2″ tall, 120 pounds and you’d die to meet me. I kid you not.
    But Giada, the Food Porn Queen, is a phony and entirely full of herself. Talks down to family, fakes her Italian (spee-gee-tee and been-cheet-tee, amongst a ton of others), fake boobs and fake shark teeth… and recently told viewers to “remember when shopping for blueberries, look for that blue color.” Say what??? DUH. This is a woman 4 months pregnant – and she didn’t KNOW that she was? She also does NOT eat – and said so in an interview 2 months ago; “never ate one full plate of food” in her life — including her own food (which stinks by the way). Even Oprah nearly HURLED one of her dishes when made in front of a TV camera. Check out the DOMINATRIX/S & M pictures she posed for in Esquire magazine last summer. Sitting in a pool of blood wearing a white negligee.
    Food Network hired this whore unknowingly – and she was ORDERED to wear freshly ironed cotton blouses on this show; and she refused, stating the show was to be SEXY and about SEX. Guess so. Now, FN has emailed me (and others) that they are now RETHINKING this program due to MILLIONS of complaints from viewers. She is vulgar, vain and offensive.

  9. Praying Mantis says:

    Wow Cricket,

    You’re really hatin’ on Giada eh? Not that I’m pro-Giada or anything, but I’m surprised that someone who dislikes her so much invests so much time into knowing her entire bio and all of her mistakes or short-comings. Sure, while she can be over-the-top (or as you say ‘fake’) at times, shouldn’t the fact that people are watching her (or the food network at all), in an attempt to learn to how to cook, be the main goal? While today’s meals are becoming quicker to make (instant meals, etc.) many of them are actually unhealthy, loaded with too much sodium, carbs, or fat. In the overall scheme of things, Giada’s trying to make cooking fun and a meaningful/important skill to have. Perhaps instead of wasting your time belittling her, you could be using your time more productively or positively in an attempt to find happiness yourself. While you could contend that I’m merely a guy who’s ‘hot’ for Giada because she wears low-cut tops, isn’t the fact that guys might actually watch her show (many of which may have NEVER or would NEVER watch a cooking show) good enough?

    If you don’t like her, just don’t watch her. There are plenty of other good shows on the food network to watch or learn from. And sure, while hosts like Ricardo or Giada can be annoying, they do make some good food and promote good/healthy eating.

    Try to look for the good in people. You’ll live happier and longer.

  10. Cricket says:

    Hah, preying mantis.
    Truth be told, I’m a chef who runs a very nice bistro. Are you surprised? Guess so…… I don’t wear low cut tops, have no fake teeth, do not ridicule my family, and don’t care for boiling water as a meal or shoving cheap bread doused with FAT in the oven as an appetizer.

    I live happily – and love cooking for “real” – and serving my excellent creations to those who appreciate great food. Giada is phony and it seems you cannot get over that while staring at her teeth, unwashed hair and decolletage. Grow up! I wish you well and hope that you do not subscribe to Giada’s endless pasta covered in chocolate or crumbled cookies. My clients would barf at the thought.

  11. Praying Mantis says:


    I wish you had actually read and understood my posting. I was merely trying to infer that anyone taking an interest in cooking, whether it’s a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ show, is a good thing. If you had read my posting, you would have noticed that I decided to side-step issues concerning Giada in particular (such as personality or image). Instead, you merely realized that I was criticizing your posting and retaliated with a somewhat empty reply/retort.

    It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a chef or not, as it has brings forth no real bearing or merit in this conversation. However, I am surprised that, being a chef, you decided to just slander Giada on a personal level instead of just criticizing her as a chef. If you don’t respect her as a chef, that’s one thing. So why not just say that? As a chef yourself, you could have credibly stated that her meals aren’t that good. Instead you took a different route, attacking her as a person. It’s a somewhat illogical approach, in respect to your education, and it makes you seem petty. Perhaps it is not me who should grow up, but you.

    I hope, at this point, that you realize that I’m still NOT pro-Giada. I merely believe that in today’s busy lifestyle, store bought pre-made meals are not the answer (on a health level) to everyday cuisine. Knowing how to cook is an important skill (hopefully you at least agree to that), which is promoted by any cooking show. Whether that show is good or bad, isn’t the real purpose/goal just to inspire people learn how to cook by themselves? If a program (even Giada’s) can inspire people to learn how to cook, I’m all for it. Perhaps in time, show quality will improve. Then again, perhaps that’s just the nature of television.

    If you intend to respond to this posting, please think before you type and leave your emotional/personal feelings out of it.

  12. Jeff (but not says:

    To all the people sticking up for her- suck it. I have right to dislike people that suck. She probably has people stroll the web looking for anti-Giada websites so she can have them type these pro-Giada comments. I think this bitch is fake. My girlfriend thinks so too and we always change the channel as soon as she comes on. I’m just glad someone else sees her plastic ass for what it is.

  13. Lou Sir says:

    I think people that say “suck” all the time suck. I mean they suck the sucky suckity suck-suck. Suck.

    She’s a hotty, we ain’t watching it for the food dumb-ass(s). Stick to your BF Contessa if you like that sort of thing, and buy some special K!

    I’m going to start a web site about people that don’t like other people not liking people. By the way… suck.

    Suck Suck, Jr.

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