iPod disk

January 4th, 2006

New iPod users invariably ask me one question: How do I get the music off my iPod? And normally I reply, get “Podworks” from Sci-Fi software.

But from now on, I think I’ll be recommending “iPodDisk” instead. Just launch this app when your iPod is connected, and a new volume pops up on your mac desktop containing all your music, conveniently sorted by metadata tags; even Smart Playlists show up as copyable folders. And: it works with Spotlight and Windows formatted iPods. Nifty, clever, and free.


4 Responses to “iPod disk”

  1. Kevin Koob says:

    I just bought a new PC and want to use the ipod that I recieved as a Christmas gift with it without erasing all of the material that I have loaded on the iPod since Christmas.

    How do I link my iPod to te new PC without purging the existing library?



  2. Jeff says:


    Ephpod is pretty good at that.


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