our president is an idiot

December 24th, 2005

There’s been a couple of news items about Dick Cheney being a jerk about charging his iPod — couldn’t he just charge it off of USB? why hog up all the power outlets? and doesn’t Air Force Two have a power strip? — but what really sets me off is this news story about Bush’s iPod here. In the story he says:

Bush remarked that “Bono came in and dropped his new iPod on me,” comparing his older device to the lead singer of U2’s iPod nano. “This is a clunker compared to the newer version.”

…am I supposed to believe that our Commander in Chief can’t swing the $200 required to get a new iPod nano? Wow, he really is jus’ plain folks like me; I bet his iPod has both kinds of music, country and western. Also offensive:

Bush also took time to mention that his iPod “can shuffle the shuffle.”

what does that even mean? That’s something a crazy person would mutter while taking a shopping cart full of empties back for deposit.


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