radio shark on the cheap

December 22nd, 2005

Amazon is having a killer sale on the Griffin Radio Shark;
it’s about half-off with free shipping. Radio Shark is like TiVo for radio shows, and after Tucker’s glowing endorsement, I had to pick one up. Now I’m all set to record the Kelsey Flynn show… for the week remaining that she’s on the air.


2 Responses to “radio shark on the cheap”

  1. […] For years I stood behind my view that NPR’s show Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me was an exercise in self-important snobbery, rife with pretension and undue back-patting. But I’ve come around. Perhaps it is because I am a self important back-patter (true!). I started listening to it when I got a RadioShark and was looking for things to record. I scheduled it to record CarTalk (of course), Fresh Air (talk about snobbery), and I figured I needed something else to flesh out the schedule and fill up time on my commute, so I added Wait Wait. […]

  2. Jeff says:

    UPDATE: Griffin’s software is *pretty bad*. I don’t know if I’d really recommend the ol’ Shark.