bush’s clinton moment

December 22nd, 2005

You remember that clip of Clinton biting his lower lip, holding out his thumb and saying “I… did not have… sexual relations… with that woman.”? Remember how many thousands of times they showed that damn clip? Wouldn’t it be nice if our media and our congressmen weren’t so completely whipped and impotent that maybe — perhaps — MAYBE they might show this clip a few times? Clinton lied about diddling some woman, and all the Republicans jumped up and down screaming that it was the principle of the thing, that he had lied to the American people, bla bla bla. Now our current president lies about something that actually means something to Americans, and there’s not a single voice for impeachment. Hypocrites and bastards!


5 Responses to “bush’s clinton moment”

  1. jimmy says:

    Don’t stress, baby doll. Bush and Clinton are two sides of the same coin. They’re both reptiles. Remember Waco and the tanks with flamethrowers tearing out the walls of the compound and setting the place ablaze, roasting the men, women and children alive? Remember OK City and McVeigh, who acted alone, and somehow managed to blow out the back side of a gigantic federal building with his truck full of fertilizer parked out front, 60 feet from the facade? Probably not, because of the plentiful jobs, that affable countenance, and bawdy talk of blowjobs, jizz-stained dresses and bizarre insertions. There has been some serious evil afoot in this country for quite some time. The shit unfolding now has been decades in the making. Clinton was just his own little brand of distraction. It’s obvious you’re not down with the GWB,.. me either,.. nobody is. But you better get used to it. You don’t pull the shit off that has been pulled over the last six years to leave it in the hands of a peoples’ election in 2008. So far, we’ve got two rigged elections, the carpet bombing and subsequent occupation of a few tracts of oil-rich land, the controlled demolition of 1,2 and 7 at the WTC, enron and its countless clones, random and inexplicable spikes in gas prices with the only constant being the record-breaking profits of the oil industry, the utter end of a free press, the execution of our rights, tortured detainees, class action suits on behalf of soldiers, dead scientists, dead politicians, INTELLIGENT FUCKING DESIGN,… and on and on and on, and nobody is asking any questions. On top of it all, we’ve witnessed the complete and total atrophy of any opposition. I can’t wait to see what kind of a scarecrow the democrats prop up this time. I’m not saying G-Dub himself is what we have to worry about, he’s an expendable figurehead and obviously not capable of managing a walmart, but you can count on another four years of something come 2008. After that,.. I’m guessing it could be one of three different things: 1) mission accomplished and complete subservience in the New World Order. 2) enough resistance in the meantime that another national emergency is authored, this time big enough to warrant the complete suspension of the constitution and immediate conversion to a police state through the aid and intervention of fema. and 3) a series of very large explosions and the end of life as we know it.
    So, we can all wax psuedo-intellectual on the poli-sci tip,.. and titter and swoon over the cleverness of jon stewart and his like,.. but the fact is that democracy and politics in this day are nothing of the sort, their state in this day and age are about as funny as crib death. All elections are meaningless formalities. The Agenda rolls. You’re doomed.
    Oh,.. and Merry Christmas.

  2. Joshua says:

    You know, when I say stuff like this, it’s because I don’t want to believe it, so I like to hear others’ rebuttals that reassure me. So, in agreement, I’m not going to say anything.

  3. kamm says:

    Nice use of the word “diddling”.

    Merry Christmas.

  4. pokey says:

    Jeff, you are a fucking idiot.