daappelganger 1.0.2 release

November 25th, 2005

Download here.

1.0.1 + 1.0.2 release:

  • added a “Add to Music Share” button to add additional music files not in ~/Music/iTunes to Daappelganger share
  • changed the previously installed “LaunchDeamon” to a “LaunchAgent” so Daappelganger will not run as root
  • tidied up the configuration app user interface quite a bit
  • made the icon shinier
  • removed all of the umlauts


Could we band together to stuff the ballot box on this one? See, here’s the thing: when I originally released this software, I f*cked up and compiled the configuration app with development settings, not deployment settings, long story short: it didn’t work. I quickly fixed the problem, but not before a bunch of people gave the software a bad review. Even if you have no interest in testing or using this app, if you could take one minute out of your day and visit here and here and give ol’ Daappelganger a good review, I would surely appreciate it. Thanks.


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