new yorker interview with sarah silverman

October 18th, 2005

Well, Kevin, I guess the most important event of this past week was, of course, the wedding of my sister, Susan Silverman, to Yosef Abramowitz. It was a really neat wedding, too, you know, ’cause they took each other’s last names and hyphenated it. So now my sister’s name is Susan Silverman-Abramowitz. But they’re thinking of shortening it to just “Jews.”


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  1. Jeff says:

    Good article. This is my favorite Sarah Silverman joke:

    A few years ago, Silverman was invited to tell some jokes on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.” In one of them, she describes trying to get out of jury duty by writing something disqualifyingly biased on the form. A friend suggests she write “I hate Chinks,” and, worried that people will think she’s racist, she writes, “ I love Chinks.

  2. Joshua says:

    Franklin, who says he had never heard of Silverman until he was persuaded to comment on her work for the film’s closing credits, is considering suing for defamation of character. “You know I’m in the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’?” he said, when asked about the contretemps. “You know who I am—the world’s longest-running TV talk-show host?” He went on to explain his position: “I was set up, I was duped, I was framed.” He worries that the accusation won’t play well on the nursing-home circuit. “The look on her face is severe,” he said. “The other guys in that movie, most of them had a happy, jolly look. What’s the word? Spoofing, tongue-in-cheeking. But she was very, very harsh and very convincing.” Silverman further antagonized him when she went on television and, obviously having a good time, said, “He doesn’t have the balls to sue.

    It was a pretty brutal joke. It was also very funny and clearly part of the joke.

    Also, how come Sarah Silverman gets to be all hot and funny? Does that seem fair? How come there are so many Tina Feys, Amy Poehlers, and Sarah Silvermans out there when we usually have to settle for Rachel Dratch? Or Minnie Driver? Is it too much to ask for that all women be as funny and hot as Fey, Dratch, and Silverman?

  3. N. Wiggins says:

    Love me some Sarah! Listen to this: