uv 2.0 renderer

August 26th, 2005

Last night I rewrote the Photoshop-based “rendering module” to my highly-secret rotoshopping project; the older rendering method made digital video look a lot like abstract watercolor, but I’ve always wanted it to look more like a comic book, and I think I’ve accomplished that:

Version 2.0 renderer samples.

A fast connection and the Flash plug-in is required for all the videos, except for the high-quality H.264 video; QuickTime 7 is required for that one. It’s worth pointing out how genuinely awesome the H.264 video quality truly is, as it maintains nearly all the textures and detail of the raw 168 MB render even when compressed *43 times smaller* to 3.9 MB.

(And thanks to Jennifer and Rosie for being such interesting subjects.)


3 Responses to “uv 2.0 renderer”

  1. Evan says:

    Dude. Sweet. That looks great. It definitely looks a lot more like a comic book now. That’s stylie yo. The scan line look for the shading definitely adds that comic book feel, and there’s a lot less jitter between frames. The first version does look like great water color too. I’m sure you will keep it, but it may come in handy some day, for something.

  2. Ben says:

    Nice, nice jorb. It *does* look very comicbooky. The color variations are much less now, which gives a cleaner image.

    Now all you need is a method to capture loud sounds from the audio channel and convert them into giant flashing-colored, jagged-edged, word bubbles. *KER-POW*

  3. Lokman says:

    hello guys,
    I am a animator from netherland and looking for the rotoshop program.İs there anyone that can help me.Thank you for your interest.bye…