infuriate yourself

August 25th, 2005

I read a little of it, and I was like “yeah, ok, sure, right on.”

Then I read a lot of it, and I kinda wanted to bash this guys skull open and feast upon the tasty pink goo contained therein. I agree with an awful lot of his points, but the level of pretension in this writing is way up in the red. And he complains far more than he offers suggestions for improvement, which ultimately exhausts my patience for this type of cultural criticism; I have little tolerance for people who sit back and point out what consumer whores we all are, but then pretend to somehow rise above it by the very act of noticing.

Especially when he’s got ads for Target and Sony on the very same page.

Editor-in-chief, *Consumer Whore Monthly*

2 Responses to “infuriate yourself”

  1. That girl who suggested the blog says:

    and “feast upon the tasty pink goo contained therein.” ain’t the LEAST bit pretentious??


  2. Evan says:

    No, that’s just cannibalism.. and wrong, because it’s called grey-matter for a reason.

    It’s not our fault that guy sucks.