real, actual photo of Steve Perry

August 9th, 2005

Once, the wise, wise Jeff said, “I think if Steve Perry was alive to see this, he might”

And without further ado, I present to you…

Mr. Steve Perry!


72 Responses to “real, actual photo of Steve Perry”

  1. Joshua says:

    It should be noted that Jeff was the brave finder of this gem of Steverphenalia:

  2. Evan says:

    Who is Steve Perry?

  3. Jeff says:

    A singer in a smokey room
    A smell of wine and cheap perfume
    For a smile they can share the night
    It goes on and on and on and on

    ‘Nuff said.

  4. Joshua says:

    I’m sorry I passed up the opportunity to say “Perryphernalia”. But don’t stop believin’.

  5. Jeff says:

    I was going to point that out, but I thought it was a deliberately clever omission in order to lead the reader to discover “Perryphenalia” for themselves.

    If you click the “e” above your comment post, you can edit it.

  6. Joshua says:

    Oh, it’s too late now. Much, much too late.

  7. Molly says:

    Wait. Steve Perry is dead? Has anyone seen Gin’s ex boyfriend Ari?

  8. Joshua says:

    What? Steve Perry is dead?

    I think you’re confusing him with Richard Pryor. Easy enough mistake to make.

  9. melinda says:

    Steve Perry is alive and well and lives in the San Diego area – he’s working on some new enhanced Journey cd’s with some extra stuff on them for late summer release.

    He’s the most awesome male singer around!

  10. Joshua says:

    Awesomer than Richard Pryor? Cuz that man can wail!

    I saw him last week opening for Asia. He was playing a guitar with each foot while administering cunnilingus to a giraffe.

  11. GARO says:

    Grow up you kids,all I know Ive seen both Steve’s performs numeroius times ,and I say perry should be back in there ,,I saw him during his solo tour around 91-92 and he had a band with him and they played his stuff and journey and it all sounded awesome ,all 3 hours almost ,perry is just THE MAN.

  12. Joshua says:

    GARO, are you secretly Steve Perry himself? I’m honored that someone of Richard Pryor’s stature would come post on our blog!

  13. Kyle says:

    i love steve perry my favorite singer ever

  14. Joshua says:

    I didn’t realize that Richard Pryor still had so many fans!

  15. stephanie says:

    steve perry is the greatest singer ever..he is undeveated when it comes to singin..he was born with a gift and i love his voice…whenever i hear his songs…its just a great feeling!!!!love u steve!!!we are always here for you..always and our hearts

  16. Joshua says:

    Undeveated as his prodigious septum!

  17. Mavric says:

    Steve Perry STILL is “The VOICE.” Journey can try and try to replace him; they’ve come really close with Arnel, but that’s all – just close. There is only one Steve Perry!!!!!

  18. GARO says:

    i really dont get the Richord pryor thing people.but in the mean time I STILL think it would be AWESOME if STEVE PERRY would come back to the band and put everything aside as far as differences or anything even if he di a SOLO tour I just cant tell ANYONE who HAS NoT seen STEVE PERRY live how HE SOUNDS evryone else is just ????? just go on you tube and check it out …. and when Youve perry on solo tours and w/ Journey at least 8-9 times no one else compares. SORRY

  19. Misty says:

    Steve Perry sings to me in my dreams and I awake a happy woman indeed.
    There’s just something about that voice. It’s magic.

  20. Sean says:

    it’s true steve perry is secretly richard pryor.
    I saw him in a concert and the wig sort of fell off and the whole croud saw the truth.

  21. Pedro Villa says:

    Christ, the members of journey are 60 ish in age. They had their day but nobody wants to see Steve Perry parade out and sing 25 year old songs.
    Let the members of the band keep it alive if they wish because there are lots of fans still
    PERRY got out while the gittin’ was good. He’ll always be remembered as great..not some old guy still tying to live the dream he once lived.

  22. Misty says:

    I don’t want to see Steve back with Journey, personally. I’d rather hear him solo any day. I’m fully aware of his age and have heard him sing on some recent tracks. His voice has changed a great deal, but I still love it. He just has this sexy, husky, soulful thing going on that makes me weak in the knees. Whatever he’s up to, I hope he’s happy. He’s certainly earned it.

  23. How could he be happy? He’s dead.

    wait no

  24. Misty says:

    Yeah… definitely NOT dead. Very much a live and well. Living his life, doing his thing, enjoying the Californian weather I suppose.

  25. Oh, I’m sorry, I was thinking of Richard Pryor.

  26. Jeff says:

    Rest in Peace, Sweet Prince

  27. Misty says:

    I’m guessing you think that’s funny, Jeff? He’s not dead… and he deserves a bit of respect, don’t you think? I don’t see the point of posting that someone has passed when they obviously haven’t.

  28. No, no, Jeff. You’ve made a mistake. Dont’ worry! It’s a common mistake among Perryphiles, even advanced ones.

    Please consider the differences:

    Richard Pryor or Steve Perry


    Steve Perry or Richard Pryor

    Which one of these is Steve Perry? Here are some easy tips that will help you figure it out.

    • Steve Perry lives in Chicago, the city that his band’s name is taken from.
    • Richard Pryor is unable to perform at this point in his career and is considered a recluse.
    • Steve Perry is prone to exaggeration.
    • Richard Pryor has this way of making a grilled ham and cheese sandwich that’s really, just, you have to try it.

    I hope this has helped relieve your confusion!

  29. Misty says:

    Ha. Ha. Ha. Or not.
    Really, what’s the point of trashing Steve Perry? He’s brilliant. Jealous much?

  30. Jeff says:

    Top one! Top one!

  31. Jeff says:

    I especially enjoyed Steve Perry’s work in “Superman III”. Tar? In Kryptonite? Whatever!

  32. Joshua says:

    I know! I think it was one of his best moments. R.I.P.

  33. Misty says:

    When someone wants to have a grown-up conversation about Steve Perry, do be sure and let me know.

  34. Joshua says:

    Look, when I snapped the real, actual photo of him at the top of the thread, he whispered in my ear that I’d captured the real him. That I understood him in a way no one else did. I think I have the authority to have a conversation about him, particularly on this day when we all miss him so much.

  35. Misty says:

    Okay, okay. You got me to laugh. A little.

  36. Joshua says:

    Laugh? You laugh now? When we’re discussing Steve Perry? I’d think you’d show a little more respect on this, of all days.

  37. Misty says:

    I fail to see the significance of the date…

  38. Joshua says:

    You didn’t hear? It’s a sad day. On this day in December 10th, 2005, Steve Perry died of a heart attack brought on by his multiple sclerosis. His remains were treated as he wished: he was mounted to a white stallion mounted to a black stallion and he had in his hand one of his famous ham and cheese sandwiches. He was buried at sea and the ashes formed into a small statue of Steve Perry, mounted on a white stallion, mounted on a black stallion.

  39. Misty says:

    Oh, well may he rest in peace then… *eye roll*

    You see, though, this is how rumors get started… and people start to actually believe the crazy shit they read, and then they pass it along like it’s nothing. Sorry if I’m bringing your fun down, but I really do fail to see the point. Is there a point? Or do you just like pushing buttons?

    I could go for a ham and cheese sandwich, though… or better yet, one of Steve’s special tacos with salsa, ketchup, and cumin powder…

  40. limiting factor says:

    Oh for fucksake. If anyone believes this they’re a fucking dupe and deserve to be mocked like the drooling automatons they are.

    Hmm. I shouldn’t use ‘automaton’ as an insult – I knew this welding arm once…

  41. Misty says:

    I don’t know… I’ve seen some pretty stupid people before… so I won’t be surprised when some asshat shows up on YouTube announcing Steve Perry’s death and subsequent… erm… burial…

  42. limiting factor says:

    I didn’t say I would be surprised, but I will point and laugh.

    Seriously. You act like this is a bad thing.

  43. Misty says:

    Do forgive. I’m just a tad protective of Steve Perry.

  44. limiting factor says:

    Oh, there’s no animosity on my part. This is hilarious.

  45. Joshua says:


  46. Misty says:

    I bet Steve might even think this was funny. He has a wicked sense of humor… or so it would seem, anyway.

  47. Tiffany says:

    Steve Perry is very much alive and well; you should be informed before making statments like “If Steve Perry were still alive,…..”

  48. Joshua says:

    Wait, he’s alive? Can you support that claim?

  49. M says:

    So the joke’s just not funny anymore. Okay, it wasn’t even funny in the first place. And you’re dragging it out…. why? Stop being lame.

  50. Joshua says:

    No one’s joking. We’re dead serious.

  51. geekswidow says:

    C’mon you guys…Steve will always live in the hearts of all who love him and his great voice…nice guy too…

  52. Joshua says:

    Indeed. That’s how we should remember Steve “Dirofilaria Immitis” Perry.

  53. Misty says:

    Heart worm… clever.

  54. Joshua says:

    Hey, Jeff, is there a way to make Misty an honorary L-Dopan for her tireless service to our cause?

  55. geekswidow says:

    So if Steve Perry is a heart worm, which type of bug are you, Joshua? The always beloved roach, termite or bed bug? lol

  56. Joshua says:

    Hey, you’re the one who said he’d live in our hearts. I was agreeing with you!

    Myself, I’m Tuck and/or Roll.

    You fired!

  57. Jeff says:

    Little known fact — the song “Heartlight” was written by Neil Diamond about Steve Perry, and if you check the wikipedia, I can make sure it is also there.

  58. Misty says:

    Jeff, you’re an ass.

  59. Jeff says:

    It’s important to note that we’re coming up on the 4th anniversary of us making fun of Steve Perry, who is dead.

  60. Joshua says:

    Jeff, I’m not at all sure he is.

    In any event, I’m pretty sure of the following:

    • We’re not actually making fun of Steve Perry. We’ve done no actual research and so, can’t make fun of anything he’s actually done, said, or been, since we’re almost wholly ignorant of the man, despite his having saturated the airwaves when we were kids.

    • Another little-known fact: “Heartlight”, written about E.T., still makes Steve Perry blush behind his grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Rumor has it that Steve Perry secretly can heal with a touch and has a very flabby chest. Conclusions are left as an exercise to the reader.

    • This ongoing conversation has pushed the Real, Actual Photo of Steve Perry to the first page of Google image hits for “Steve Perry”, two positions ahead of The DilDozer.

  61. Misty says:

    I have a headache.

  62. Joshua says:

    Research has shown, however that:

    • Google Searches for “Steve Perry dead” just show lots and lots of pages about how he’s not dead, or pages about how he’s alive, or people explaining what he’s been doing since “Foolish Heart”. (I consider this a strategic error on our part, as we actually didn’t claim that Steve Perry was dead, but Richard Pryor, who is not only dead, but is easily confused with Steve Perry)

    • Google Searches for “Steve Perry Richard Pryor” come straight to this post.

    • At the top of the comments, GARO says that Steve Perry should still be singing with Journey because she saw him in 1992, 14 years earlier, and he could still sing.

    • Now that’s 18 years ago. Which reminds me of what Jeff just said: on August 9, 2009, it will be the fourth year since this post’s birth and its semiannual revivification by fans of Steve Perry, who are making believe we said something disparaging about him, despite the unrelenting awesomeness of the Rea,l Actual Photo at the top of the thread.

  63. Joshua says:

    Misty, Richard Pryor could fix that for you with his light-up finger.

  64. Misty says:

    I’d rather Steve Perry fix it with his sexy, soulful, passionate voice…

  65. Mmmmm.

    Hear, hear.


  66. Misty says:

    Yep. Mmmmm.

  67. Jeff says:

    All this talk about Steve Perry’s life just makes me miss him more. R.I.P. Steve Perry

  68. geekswidow says:

    All this boils down to is that Steve Perry has one of the greatest voices ever. Nothing anybody says can change that fact…

  69. Joshua says:

    It’s why we all miss him so much.

  70. Joshua says:

    Even the spam appreciates Steve Perry.