windows vista fonts

July 31st, 2005

OK, so I’m kind of a font nerd; that’s why it’s a little exciting to me that there are six new fonts in Microsoft’s upcoming new operating system, and even more excitingly, they are all qualitatively better than Comic Sans! Download them here, they’ll work on Windows or Mac OS X.

My quick take: Calibri is a decent update to Arial Rounded, Cambria is deadly dull like Georgia, Candara is goony but ultimately harmless like Trebuchet, Consolas *is* Monaco (and why wouldn’t it be, Monaco is one of the best small point size fonts ever), Constantia is an ok update to Palatino, and Corbel is a subtle take on Myriad.

What’s up with all the c-words, though; that’s a terribly stupid naming convention which just begs confusion.


2 Responses to “windows vista fonts”

  1. Joshua says:

    So… what you’re saying is, these are the same as the fonts we’ve been using, but with different names, so browsers won’t recognize them?

  2. Joshua says:

    Incidentally, these days I’m all about DIN fonts. I don’t say this lightly: it’s like someone took the design specifications for Helvetica and did a better job. They’re incredible.

    I’m using Centaur for serifs because it’s beautiful and classy.